We Understand the Market

Shout Media understands the post-secondary climate, the unique culture and how to attract people from all over the world to educational institutions. Over the past five years, our agency has grown to become a support system for numerous colleges and universities providing the following:

  • Complete digital and social campaigns for domestic and international recruitment including social and digital assets, ads, content, design, copy and analytics
  • Graphic and web design for viewbooks, ads, marketing materials, and marketing campaigns
  • Full Web Development
  • Custom software solutions
  • Branding, voice and visual identity
  • Videography and photography services and development
Brescia University seize the moment lead the movement

Brescia University

Leading the Way in Recruitment

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Lakehead Georgian

Achieving record numbers for student recruitment

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Lakehead University

Tapping online markets

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Northern College Students

Northern College

Developing a New Website with the Student Experience in Mind

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Lakehead District School Board

a Website With Functionality First

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Lakehead University

2020-2021 Annual Report

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Commonly Asked Questions

When developing a full student recruitment marketing plan what are some of the first steps to get started?

When we start working with a new university or college to develop a recruitment marketing plan, the first steps are we look at what was done in the past, what was successful and what wasn’t, who the target audiences are (mature students, International, returning students, students out of high school, parents etc.) and what the best platforms would be to engage the audiences. These are some of the initial steps.

Sometimes we only need student recruitment for certain programs. Can we create recruitment campaigns that are program specific?

Absolutely. Our recruitment team can develop student recruitment campaigns for entire universities and colleges or only programs. All content and creative can be developed program specific.

How much of a time commitment is required from our staff? Our resources are already tapped. Can we hire your company to take care of everything with minimum involvement from our team?

Our team is capable of completing a full student recruitment campaign from start to finish with minimal staffing requirements from the university or college. We do however require one key person to assist with proofing, go over results and work as a team to acquire assets, logins etc.

We already have people that do student recruitment on our team. Why do we need the help of an agency?

Working with several educational institutions, we found that often there were people that were skilled in certain areas but never in all the areas that were required to achieve results. The costs to hire people in each area would be cost prohibitive. Our staff are Google certified strategists, Meta ad experts, professional graphic designers, copywriters, animators, specialists in video editing and creative directors. We also subscribe to several expensive reporting and analysis platforms to assess and evaluate data.

How Important is SEO for colleges and universities?

SEO is extremely important to increase organic traffic and results when students type in certain keywords related to programs, long tail keywords and generic searches ie. “best university in…”

How long does it take for an SEO campaign to show results?

An SEO campaign often takes 3-6 months to show full results, however once SEO is significantly improved, the organic results often outweigh paid ads.

What are the costs involved for a full campaign for student engagement and acquisition?

Campaign costs really depend on the complexity of the campaign. Some things to consider include: Are we editing the existing website to improve the student journey? How many platforms will we be marketing on? How much social presence and awareness currently exists? Has any marketing been done yet online to engage students?

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