Lakehead Georgian is located in Barrie, Ontario and serves approximately 1500 students achieving their degree goals. Prior to hiring Shout Media, Lakehead-Georgian was using 3 different companies to manage their website edits, design, manage their ads, social media and SEO. Shout Media has been working with Lakehead-Georgian since 2019. 

When the pandemic hit Lakehead Georgian was faced, as all other educational institutions were, with the challenge of creating a stronger online presence through better website development, landing page creation, app development, social proof and graphic design. To increase overall student recruitment and engagement a very high level digital marketing recruitment campaign were also necessary. The main goal of Shout’s work with Lakehead Georgian was to help increase overall awareness of different aspects of the university and increase student recruitment conversions.

Work Completed

Over the past three years, Shout Media has developed the following for Lakehead-Georgian:

  • Continuous web development including landing page development to create a strong student journey experience to assist with leads for recruitment
  • Comprehensive digital marketing recruitment strategies using numerous platforms including TikTok to increase recruitment (the 2021-22 past campaign generated 25% more applicants than the year prior) with a very strategic and streamlined ad campaign with advanced ad placements on all social media platforms as well as Google
  • Graphic design for various campaigns
  • Video editing and animations
  • Copywriting and messaging
  • Meeting, goal setting and reporting
  • SEO edits to increase conversions
  • Advanced reporting and data analysis


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