Brescia University (Brescia) is a Canadian Women’s University, affiliated with Western University. Brescia offers a distinctive education and empowering environment with limitless opportunities to encourage their students to learn how to become leaders. Brescia values their students’ unique experiences and appreciates diversity on campus. Brescia celebrates students from all backgrounds and faiths.

In the highly competitive educational arena (especially a declining enrollment in the all-female school space) they lacked a strong digital media strategy to increase student engagement and applications and turned to Shout to develop a plan that would make it easy for Brescia to increase overall applications.

Brescia University seize the moment lead the movement

Journey to Enrollment

Our experience with higher education brands has taught us that traditional marketing approaches to generating student enrollment leads miss the mark. For our work with Brescia, Shout focused primarily on educating women on the benefits of an all female educational institution through engaging copy, design and interactive content that resulted in increased engagement, CTR and overall applications. We also updated the website and landing pages to create the ultimate student journey experience, supported by a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Ads That Work and Convert

Shout developed a thorough campaign strategy that focused first on awareness, then engagement, and finally conversion. A high level digital ad campaign was developed for Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Google (Youtube), and Spotify. Our marketing management included ads management, video editing, copywriting, animations, design, email funnel development, goal setting and reporting on analytics for all of the above.

Shout built out innovative and industry leading creative and copy that increased post secondary intake and maximized conversions into acceptance, including different messaging for different target audiences both domestic and international.

Addressing the Concerns of Today’s Students

Brescia has seen tremendous success by focusing on solutions to the career and economic concerns facing today’s learners. The digital strategy and website updates deliver clear, impactful messages about the value of a Brescia degree — including the university’s top-notch academic reputation, along with career advancement, a focus on leadership, and the freedom to balance school, work, and life in a safe, secure environment.

Campaigns Built for Long-Term Success

Over the course of their relationship with Shout, Brescia has successfully overcome the challenges facing many colleges and universities during the ongoing enrollment crunch, both increasing their student population in existing programs and educating the audiences on the benefits of a Brescia education. The strong branding, messaging, varied audience development and dialed-in ads management has resulted in a strong social and digital presence that will continue through for the 2023 academic year. 

Educational Case Studies

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