Web Design

We were pioneers in recognizing the importance of responsive, mobile-friendly web design and have since established ourselves as a leading agency for web design. Our design process is completely customizable; we dive deep into the businesses and brands we work with to build a website that meets our client’s exact requirements. We even have a copywriter on hand to help with content, and access to an extremely talented array of photographers and videographers.

Since we started, we’ve launched over 200 sites – all tailored to the businesses that we work with. We employ both designers and front and back end developers that work together, side-by-side, plotting strategy between energy drinks. Our brilliant copywriter makes sure that content is clever and accurate as well as optimized for SEO. Everything is custom and built in WordPress for easy updating and client use. User experience is one of the most important aspects of our web build.

App Development

We’ve created diverse Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as custom cloud-based applications, with a focus on strengthening UX/UI when stacked against the competition. Ultimately, we solve problems.

Trailblazing with WAYfinder

What started as a network of friends sharing tips and hiking routes has grown to become Northwestern Ontario’s first outdoor recreation mobile app, WAYfinder Trails & Recreation. The founders wanted to alleviate many of the safety and accessibility issues hikers face in a region with a seemingly infinite number of trails and areas to explore.

Our team was tasked with building out an entire backend ecosystem to handle 800+ km of GIS data and structure it to scale beyond Northwestern Ontario. To do that, we built an API to serve up the data based on the users’ location, as well as a custom tile server so that users are able to download the data for offline usage.

The app was designed to be easy for anyone to use while presenting all of the information the user required, including trail descriptions, difficulty, directions, elevation profiles, length, and activities or landmarks along the way.