Lakehead University is located in Thunder Bay, ON, with a total enrollment of 8000 students. Lakehead University Orillia is an extension of Lakehead University. The Orillia campus provides a tight-knit learning experience to approximately 1500 students, offering 17 different undergraduate degree programs. Shout Media has been working closely with Lakehead University and Lakehead University Orillia since 2019.

The main focus for online marketing for Lakehead University has been to increase online student recruitment through digital marketing, web development, graphic design, video production, copywriting, and very high level strategic planning and fulfillment. This has led to an increase in overall awareness and increased student recruitment conversions. For one of the most recent campaigns, Lakehead University Admissions were up by 4.5% and Orillia was up 3.6% from the previous year.

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Work Completed

Work has included creating and implementing full marketing strategies and recruitment campaigns which includes:

  • Determining primary and secondary audiences and locations
  • Determing goals and objectives
  • Determining and designing assets for all platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Tiktok, landing pages
  • Creating campaign design, copywriting and messaging for all assets including static, animated and video assets as well as complimentary traditional assets
  • Creating strategy including content calendar, ad buy, cold and warm audiences, ad sets and display, search and video campaigns
  • Running all campaigns and continually monitoring and adjusting creative and ads based on a/b testing and results and analytics
  • Assisting with reputation management
  • Developing a multitude of retargeting assets including email funnels that focus on different stages of the buying cycle; awareness to acceptance
  • Developing monthly reports and meeting with the Lakehead team on results
  • Developing Click Through Rates (CTR) that translate, setting and meeting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) targets, determining and lowering Cost Per Click (CPC), creating conversions (registrations, form completions, calls, web traffic), Setting UTM codes, Using tools like SEMRush, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Google adwords to analyze data


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