Social Media Management

We’ve boosted engagement and awareness for various products, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and everything in between. We speak through our clients’ social communities, and we are experts in fostering meaningful partnerships to leverage integrated social marketing opportunities.

We offer:

  • Content Curation
  • Social Media Influencer and Brand Ambassador Strategies
  • Campaign Development and Strategy
  • Page Moderation
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Paid Social

Connected Edge

Connected Edge is a computer networking and management consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario. The Toronto market is highly saturated, but we took this as a challenge and developed a digital marketing strategy to suit.

We dived deep into the world of technology and management consulting with a completely customizable, responsive and mobile-friendly website which was optimized for SEO. With the site created, we developed an in-depth SEM and SMM strategy to create awareness of their brand, increase website clicks and overall traffic to the site.

For SEM, we created a Google ad campaign, specifically targeting the Toronto/GTA area and split our ad groups into two categories: consulting and technology solutions. With two categories we were able to target a more specific audience by narrowing down the keywords to suit each industry. We optimized their Facebook and LinkedIn with branded, visually appealing content for a strong social presence and to further increase website traffic.

Thai Kitchen

As one of Thunder Bay’s most popular Thai restaurants, it was important for Thai Kitchen to have a strong brand presence on social media that is consistent with their delicious cuisine and inviting atmosphere. To complement Thai Kitchen’s new website and new location, we developed a social media strategy to enhance customer experiences, improve trust and loyalty and drive audiences to the restaurant.

Our creative was simple: to create a fresh look that appeals to the younger audiences, to highlight Thai Kitchen’s amazing food, and to provide information about each dish for the uninitiated. With this in mind, we booked a photoshoot and started curating content consistent with the new website’s look and feel. The end result? Thai Kitchen’s social is a stream of deliciousness, and chock full of information for new and repeat customers!

Bistro One

With over two decades experience in the restaurant industry, Bistro One has built a loyal customer base in the small community of Thunder Bay! However, with new restaurants popping up in the city, the importance of a strong brand presence is crucial and Bistro One turned to Shout Media to update their social strategy to keep them at the top of consumer minds!

Our overall goal was to showcase their passion for food and fine dining. The first task was to plan a photoshoot which focused on highlighting their extensive food menu and well recognized wine list! The best part? We were able to eat the delicious food after!

With the photoshoot completed, we created a branded look which was modern, appealing and complemented their fine dining atmosphere. Their social is now completely curated with updated, fun and mouth-watering content to increase engagement and overall reach of their brand.


If content is King, keywords are Queen, and both work together to rank your website in search engine results. Appearing on the first page of Google isn’t a happy accident!

Through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) we boost Google rankings and website traffic with link strategic on – and off-page content and strategy including link building, paid advertising, and maximizing Pay Per Click (PPC) and Click Through Rates (CTR) to put brands in front of the people most likely to engage with them.

Wild Goose

Wild Goose Lake is a beautiful resort in Northern Ontario! With all they have to offer, it was crucial to have a strong SEO and SEM strategy to attract visitors throughout the year with a primary goal of higher ad spend in the prime seasons and lighter ad spend in the lower seasons.

We focused on key search terms related to Northwestern Ontario and seasonal outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing and bear hunting to attract outdoor enthusiasts within the region. We not only targeted the local communities, but we expanded our reach to the Kenora area to try and obtain customers from competitors. Our aim with SEO was to engage immediate traffic to fill spaces at Wild Goose Lake that were currently available.

Display ads and In app ads were created with eye-catching images and a strong call to action to encourage people starting to make plans for the upcoming season and those making plans for the following year. We targeted Northwestern Ontario and Minnesota to reach a wider audience. Blog posts regarding bear hunting and fishing were written in the proper format to optimize for Google and increase SEO.

SEO and SEM was evaluated monthly and edited, analyzed and changed on a regular basis to ensure ad spend throughout the year was properly utilized.