No matter what level of success your online brand has achieved, Shout Media has more to offer.  By speaking through our clients’ digital communities, we foster meaningful partnerships to leverage integrated marketing opportunities.


Social Media Management

We’ve boosted engagement and awareness for various products, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and everything in between. Our services are proven to accelerate growth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn by transforming our clients’ digital presence through high-quality content, daily activity, and strategic advertising.

We offer:

  • Content Creation & Curation
  • Social Media Influencer & Brand Ambassador Strategies
  • TikTok Engagement Strategies & Content Creation
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Campaign Development & Strategy
  • Page Moderation
  • Community & Brand Building
  • Paid Social
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis

Our social media management packages are customized for each business that we work with, taking everything into account from the target audience to the brand voice.

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What’s the cost for social media management?

In most cases, our services start at $2000 a month for full access to our social media strategists, designers, animators, and copywriter. Everything included in this monthly fee is clearly outlined in a customized social strategy for each client. Our clients have found that this is a much more valuable and affordable solution compared to hiring a full-time employee.

Does this cost include social media advertising?

You might be familiar with social media advertising as the paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Our social media management fee is separate from the advertising budget, but we consider both to be necessary. We work with our clients to come up with a realistic advertising budget that is both affordable and effective.

How do you track ROI for social?

Shout Media draws people from social media to our clients’ websites in order to buy a product or request information on a service. We set key performance indicators (KPIs) to track traffic from social, as well as conversions and ranking. Every KPI is assigned a value to demonstrate return on investment (ROI). It is notoriously difficult to track ROI if a product sale is not involved; in these cases, we focus on analyzing long term trends that are directly correlated to social media.

Inbound Marketing

Drawing customers in, rather than blasting a message out, is all about creativity. Our inbound marketing efforts use almost every tool up our digital marketing sleeve in order to increase reach, engagement, and conversions through meaningful interaction. From user generated content, to instructional videos and high-impact emailers, we help to take control of owned media to build trust and add value to a brand.


If content is King, keywords are Queen, and both work together to rank a website in search engine results. Appearing on the first page of Google isn’t a happy accident!

Through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) we boost Google rankings and website traffic with link strategic on – and off-page content and strategy including link building, paid advertising, and maximizing Pay Per Click (PPC) and Click Through Rates (CTR) to put brands in front of the people most likely to engage with them.

Content Writing

No clickbait or reproduced articles here. Whether it’s website copy that needs to be updated or a blog that seem to always fall to the bottom of the priority list, we’re skilled at creating customized, industry-specific content that draws an audience in. Using analytics and some imagination, we’re skilled at meeting customers at different stages in the sales journey and integrating the latest in SEO so the right content can be found by the right people.

Digital Marketing that Delivers

Get a data-driven digital marketing analysis from our experts, book a meeting with one of our strategists.

You’re online, but is that enough?

Make the most of your digital presence, and put the “social” back in social media, with strategies to create meaningful connections with your audience.