You need a brand representing who you are and your company's reputation.

It must accurately reflect your company’s values and cater to your ideal customer.

A brand must be fluid, consistent and robust across all digital and traditional media platforms. If there’s a disconnect between your company’s brand and your client’s experience, you are not reaching your ideal target audience.

Why is it important? 

Refining your brand or developing an entirely new one will allow your company to better connect with your target audience and help separate you from your competition.

Together, we can share your company’s story visually appealingly, giving potential clients or customers a sneak peek into who you are as a company.

The Process

We’ll start with a kickoff call where we gather initial creative direction, learn about your company’s story (past, present and future), and general information. We’ll evaluate your existing branding and determine any attributes that might remain with the new branding. We’ll decide if you need assistance with messaging and examine your mission and vision statements to understand your company or organization better.
We research competitors' branding and request logos you resonate with. Depending on the level of branding we are completing, we may or may not develop surveys of clients and staff to understand your brand better. We ensure that your logo and branding are unique from your competitors. Once this is all complete, we’ll start with storyboarding concepts, including the logo. We’ll present three to five different logo concepts for you to review for the first draft and begin colour selections, symbols, and treatments to complement your logo and start your brand identity. And if we are working on brand positioning, we’ll develop this as well.
We offer the opportunity to request revisions to the first round of logo concepts and branding. At this time, we will review the feedback and adjust accordingly. The length of the revision period can vary, but we will work together to narrow down the logo concepts, overall brand identity and symbols and fonts. 

At this time, the designer will take the chosen concepts and designs and start applying the final Pantone colours to show different colour scheme options for the brand. Depending on the industry type, the designer will include an industry-specific brand application to show further how the logo can be applied.
We made it! Now that the logo, messaging, fonts, colours, treatments, symbols, and brand identity have been finalized, the designer will build out the branding & visual identity guidelines, including the deliverables mentioned above.

The branding & visual identity guidelines will show you how to properly use the new brand throughout all media platforms and marketing materials.