Transform how you find talent

We work with your HR team to enhance and develop a stronger recruitment strategy. Our goal is to streamline your overall hiring process by diving deep into these elements of talent acquisition:

  • Understanding the candidate’s journey.
  • Attracting the right candidates.
  • Providing a user-friendly application experience.
  • Implementing tools and platforms that HR teams don’t have time to research.
  • Leveraging data and technology to obtain results.


Understand the candidate journey.

The candidate journey is what a job seeker experiences long before the actual application. Today’s candidate interacts with as many as 12 different touchpoints before making an informed decision.

Evaluate and build the most effective recruitment strategy.

  • Establish an employer brand
  • Strong social media presence
  • Powerful careers page
  • Utilize top recruitment platforms
  • Well-developed company pages on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor
  • Targeted SEO and SEM campaigns
  • Ensure a consistent brand message
  • Create an employee value proposition
  • Display your company culture

Give your candidates a user-friendly application experience.

  • Short and easy “start to finish” process
  • Mobile optimized
  • Digestible job descriptions
  • Engaging job titles
  • Strong applicant tracking system

Let Shout Media help you reach more candidates, more efficiently.

People are the backbone to a company’s success. It’s important to get job opportunities in front of highly-qualified candidates who can meet the needs of the position, and take your company to the next level.