Uniform Pros is a locally owned and operated retail company in Thunder Bay that has over 12 years of experience selling high-quality scrubs, workwear, hi-vis gear, chef wear and lifestyle apparel & accessory brands like Carhartt and Dewalt. They service many industries including healthcare, hospitality, security, construction, and emergency.

With an e-commerce store, Uniform Pros approached Shout Media to help expand their business online to reach beyond Thunder Bay to other cities in Northern Ontario and Manitoba with a robust digital marketing strategy.

Brand Direction

Uniform Pros did not have any brand guidelines to work with, which gave our team the flexibility to create our own designs and branded look for all digital media assets. The goal was to not only promote Uniform Pros, but to develop a consistent brand across all marketing platforms that looks professional and is recognizable.

Digital Marketing

The goal was simple – sell more online! Uniform Pros has an extensive product line and it was key to develop a digital marketing strategy that honed in on the most popular products and industries that Uniform Pros caters to – scrubs, Carhartt, workwear, and hi-vis gear. Through social media and Google advertising we have increased their site traffic, online sales and overall awareness of their brand in Northern Ontario and Manitoba.