The Northwest Local Health Integration Networks (NWLHIN) provides patient care functions, including home and community care and long-term care home placement services and facilitates access to community services in Northwestern Ontario.

The Request

The North West, Local Health Integration Network, offers the following Free self-management programs:

Chronic Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Pain and Cancer Thriving and Surviving Program, PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet, and You.

Before the site’s launch, the NWLHIN needed a common area to access information and book self-management programs where the patient does not require a doctor or health care professional referral.  

The request was to develop a simple, user-friendly website that was AODA-Compliant and offered a visually appealing user experience that was simple to navigate and allowed people to book self-management programs online easily. 

Work we Did

Shout developed a site navigational structure and developed and updated all HTML/CSS code. Responsive mobile implementation on mobile devices was critical and easy navigation, primarily on mobile devices, was a top priority. The site design appealed to a diverse audience with visuals and photos to match. The site contains a robust search to find and display upcoming workshops by program type, community and date. All forms are developed to be simple and mobile. 

The site also has a waiting list generator, and automatic participant invites. For the administrative portion, there are tiers for leaders and participants. A recording is also available for workshops and attendance submissions. Reporting is also available   with follow-up surveys. 

NWLHIN website

The Outcome

The number of participants that used the site increased substantially after launch, and it met the needs of the stakeholders with increased participation and registration for self-management programs.