In 2022,  the Nishnawbe Aski Police Service (NAPS) came to Shout in serious need of marketing support with a strong recruitment focus. High call volumes paired with a significant staff shortage had become a detrimental combination. The traditional recruitment endeavors such as school visits, job and career fairs, etc, were no longer as effective as they once were. We were both excited and determined to help provide them with a new solution to this critical issue.

In addition to improving their overall online presence, one of our key goals was to reach, attract, and convert qualified applicants to meet their hiring needs. Before running a single ad, the recruitment process began with building a solid foundation to attract the ideal candidate.

Developing the EVP

The onset of the project began with crafting the NAPS’ Employee Value Proposition (EVP). With this as the foundation, we developed a recruitment website https://joinnaps.ca/ to share the EVP alongside a digitized application process to provide both ease of use for applicants, as well as streamline the administrative burden on the NAPS’ Human Resource department. Once this was in place we launched an ad strategy combining social media, Google and Youtube and began reaching and encouraging qualified candidates to apply.

Make a difference. Be a NAPS police officer

Results Speak For Themselves!

Alongside the social media campaign, a separate campaign was launched using  Indeed to reach and lead qualified talent to the NAPS’ Indeed Company page. Shout worked along with an Indeed rep to ensure that the ads were optimized for best results. 

The results speak for themselves. After only 4 months. 

  • 20,000 website views each month  – 12,000 of those being click-throughs from ads
  • Applications increased by 600% 
  • 850 Candidates in 120 days!!
  • Overall Online Engagement increased 200% through their social media accounts.

NAPS went from struggling to get applicants to now finding themselves desperately trying to keep up with the abundance of qualified candidates – we promise the latter problem is the better to deal with! 😀

We are proud to partner with NAPS knowing that our work has a positive impact not only on their team, but also the communities they serve.