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Crown and Birch specializes in curated quality furniture and home decor pieces that create a casual timeless look. Crown and Birch has two brick and mortar stores serving both Northwest Ontario and the Muskoka area and provided shipping across Canada and the USA.

When Crown and Birch approached  us, we immediately knew there was a lot of potential for them to sell online and make the most of digital marketing to increase their sales. We also knew that photo and video would play a critical role in showcasing their beautiful products and engaging a wide audience.


Powered by Shopify

The first challenge was to create an ecommerce website that worked with the existing branding. Developing a full Shopify site can be a daunting task and Shout acted as part consultant and part web developer to guide the client through the process of developing their online store.

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Email Funnels

Once the Crown and Birch ecommerce site was launched, Shout developed comprehensive email funnels to build an email list, drive up online sales, and provide a starting point for future marketing campaigns.

When they were ready for their first digital marketing campaign, we were able to leverage the work they had already done setting up their online store to achieve great results.

Digital Marketing Campaign

We developed a four week digital marketing campaign that significantly increased their sales. This was achieved using social media ads, Google ads, YouTube pre-roll ads, email marketing, and remarketing.

Photo, Video, Animations and Graphics

Knowing that the foundation of any successful campaign is quality content, we booked a photo and video shoot before running a single ad. We captured the essence of the Crown and Birch brand and built a digital library including high quality promotional videos and developed all the creative assets we needed for the campaign.

Ad Management

It’s one thing to build, design and launch a campaign but the magic really happens after launch in the daily monitoring of the ads. We monitored and optimized the ads throughout the campaign to get the lowest cost-per-click and highest conversion rates.


We helped Crown and Birch expand their brick and mortar store to an online shop, elevate their online presence, and make the most of digital marketing with a custom ecommerce website, a digital library of high quality photos and videos, and a successful digital marketing campaign. We couldn’t be happier with the results because, at the end of the day, client success is our success and that’s what makes projects like this so rewarding. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Crown and Birch and helping them reach their full potential.

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