Re-defining a Credit Union

Copperfin Credit Union, the largest locally owned credit union in Northwestern Ontario, transferred their entire marketing portfolio to Shout Media in 2018.

We created an overarching strategy and developed innovative tactics to meet Copperfin’s marketing goals of increased engagement with a focus on digital marketing and we custom developed a secure website to better serve their members. We use marketing campaigns, original videography, photography, graphic design, and copywriting to elevate Copperfin Credit Union to an authentic, recognizable brand with positive consumer sentiment by working with their marketing team.

With over 19,000 personal and business members, and 7 branches from Kenora to Thunder Bay, we see a ton of potential for innovative marketing.

Brand Direction

We work with Copperfin to bring their visions into reality in creative ways while staying within their branding guidelines. We develop creative content that aligns with their Life Forward philosophy and appeals to a younger demographic. At the end of the day, we make “Why Copperfin?” an easy question to answer.

Copperfin Website on different devices

Digital Marketing

In the past, the credit union did not use any digital marketing to supplement its traditional efforts. We flipped the entire strategy in 2018 by allotting most of the annual budget to digital channels and generating comprehensive monthly reports to track success. We were also able to get Copperfin’s blog, #LifeForward, up and running again with original content to complement our campaigns and position the credit union as expert advisors.

We closely work with Copperfin’s marketing team to create strategic marketing campaigns that generate leads, increase new website traffic, build awareness, and create closer relationships with Credit Union Members throughout the region. We develop everything from strategies and messaging to designs and videos, manage paid advertising, and set up targeted marketing based on Copperfin’s goals.


Copperfin’s commitment to their Credit Union Members led them to reach out to us in 2020 to develop a custom website that includes secure online banking, better user experience, and an elevated design.Their new site brings in fresh design elements that work with their brand guidelines and was built within their content management system.

“Shout has taken our visions and brought them to life with new, innovative and creative strategies. We have collaborated on many projects and look forward to continuing our professional relationship with them as we evolve our marketing tactics.” – Stef MacLeod, Marketing Manager at Copperfin Credit Union


We’ve worked alongside Copperfin Credit Union since 2017 and have helped them reimagine their brand, increase their online presence, and better serve their members through their new website. At this point, they feel like family and we look forward to continuing to support them as they evolve and grow.

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