Copperfin Credit Union, the largest locally owned credit union in Northwestern Ontario, transitioned their entire marketing portfolio to Shout Media throughout 2018.

We’ve taken the reigns on overarching strategy and developing innovative tactics for increased engagement, as well as implementing a brand new digital marketing focus. Through these advertising strategies, as well as original videography, photography, graphic design, and copywriting, we’ve been able to elevate Copperfin Credit Union to an authentic, recognizable brand with positive consumer sentiment. 

Brand Direction

As the brand continues to mature, we’re moving from building awareness to building closer relationships with Copperfin Credit Union members throughout the region. We are refreshing their campaigns to align closer to their Life Forward philosophy, appeal to a younger demographic, and make “Why Copperfin?” an easy question to answer.

Copperfin had a distinct look to its graphic design that we didn’t want to change for brand continuity purposes, but we did discard stock imagery in favour of original photography. The photos incorporate Copperfin members, and the unique elements of the communities Copperfin serves, to highlight its local flavour.

Previously, the credit union was not using any digital marketing to supplement its traditional efforts. In 2018, we flipped the entire strategy by allotting most of the annual budget to digital channels and generating comprehensive monthly reports to track its success. We were also able to get Copperfin’s blog, Life FWD, up and running again with original content to complement our campaigns and position the credit union as a thought leader in the field.

With over 14,000 personal and business members, and 7 branches from Kenora to Thunder Bay, we’re motivated by the potential for marketing innovation.