We recently wrapped up our first ever Shout Fest! A conference we designed for business owners and managers in any industry who are forward thinking and marketing-minded. We spent the entire day exploring creative ways to stay ahead of the competition, offering advice on how to improve your bottom line with modern marketing approaches that can scale as your business does.

Check out some of our key takeaways from the day:

Flip Your Funnel

Suzanne Christie, CEO of Shout Media

    • Focus on ongoing connections, relationship building with your clients 
    • Stop just selling
    • Utilize social media, messenger ads, and SEO
    • Don’t forget about other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, even TikTok
    • Consider leveraging email funnels as your invisible salesperson


Social Selling & the Facebook Sales Funnel

Ashley Ceresino, Digital Marketing Manager at Shout Media

    • You are missing out on a major market if you’re not placing Facebook ads
    • Develop different creative for different stages of the sales funnel
    • Get creative with your target audiences
    • Test & compare.. don’t be afraid to make constant changes
    • Start small & scale later

    Tip: When dealing with negative comments/reviews, we always recommend responding, but taking the conversation offline (I’d be happy to call you..). We want to avoid internet debates, keyboard warriors & DM screenshots if things get heated.


Find Your Unicorn

Kristi Chynoweth, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Shout Media

    • You need to market to attract employees
    • Make it easy for candidates to find information via an active social presence, engaging website, and easy application
    • Find and solve any missing gaps in the candidate’s journey
    • Establish a strong recruitment strategy
    • Ask yourself… would I want to work here?


To Build or Not to Build, That is the Question

Taylor Harris, Web Developer at Shout Media

Pros of Buying

    • Quicker – you use the software immediately after purchase
    • Trial the software
    • Potential access to a vast array of add ons

Pros of Building

    • No monthly licensing fees
    • Ability to re-sell the software to other companies
    • Customization – built exactly how you want it
    • The solution doesn’t yet exist

Demystifying Web Development

Suzanne Christie, CEO of Shout Media

    • Think long term before you start..how big will you grow, will you eventually need ecommerce, do you have the resources to manage the site?
    • Ensure DIY builds offer everything you need, for example a .com and .ca, chatbots, online payments, responsive features etc
    • Are you content based or selling based? Different platforms are better suited for different things
    • Websites require ongoing updates

Remember, we’re always here if you have questions. Reach out anytime to pick our brains on the best strategy for your business!