The future of work as a full service marketing agency

Do you remember when the pandemic initially broke out, what now seems like a lifetime ago? Our team transitioned to working from home and we really weren’t sure what the future had in store for us. But 2020 and 2021 were our busiest years to date and we’re expecting 2022 to follow suit.

Last year alone, we built 36 websites, managed 60 digital campaigns, wrote 22 marketing strategies, designed 24 new logos, and welcomed 7 new staff to the team – mostly while working from home.

But thanks to Slack, Asana, Zoom, Giphys, and Take-Out services, 2021 was a productive year filled with team celebrations.

While we miss seeing each other, face-to-face client meetings, office shenanigans, and everything else that comes with working in a fun, creative environment, we’ve adapted – even embraced – remote work.

For example, Senoga, Chelsea and Garv have all spent several weeks working remotely from Uganda, Barbados and India in order to visit family and friends. Then there’s Nick and Ineta who work remotely on a full time basis from Pickering and Vancouver. And let’s not forget those of us who have been enjoying working from camp (aka the cottage) from time to time.


What it Looks Like

According to GWI, remote work was something of an occasional luxury in pre-pandemic times, with only 24% of professionals saying they were broadly permitted to work from home in 2019. Today, this number is up to 36% for most. 

So what does it look like to work for a full service marketing agency in 2022? For us, the option of remote work is here to stay along with the option of working in the office (which some of us really enjoy).

It’s a hybrid model but not a forced hybrid. We all have the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

Working at Shout will continue to prioritize creativity, productivity, and quality work. Our future is also still filled with team shenanigans, food, and lots of fun like food Fridays and game nights. The only difference is that we can now also offer team members workplace flexibility whether we’re in a lock-down or not.


Reaping The Benefits of Workplace Flexibility

Shout employees can choose to work in the office, from home, or the flexibility of going back and forth between the two. As an added bonus, working remotely lets us secure talent both locally and anywhere in the world!

The past few years have proven that we can bring our creative brilliance to client projects and deliver results no matter where we’re physically located.


The Future Of Work

Walking by office buildings recently in Toronto, I looked up and saw hundreds of empty small desks behind glass walls. It seemed so odd to believe that spending numerous hours in what now resembles a caged environment used to be normal. 

Having a productive year while working remotely is about embracing a true (not forced) hybrid work model, planning virtual team events, and staying connected. It’s also about supporting inclusivity, diversity, and personal wellness priorities. We can reap the benefits of our team’s productivity whether their office is a quiet cubicle or a sunny, plant filled home office.


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