Suzanne Christie

Suzanne is a co-founder of Shout Media, and a true Jill-of-all-Trades. She works one-on-one with our marketing, web, social, print, and design teams every single day to keep her finger on the pulse of our operations, business development, and morale. With over a decade of experience working with hundreds of clients, Suzanne loves the thrill of a new challenge.

Shaun Ellithorpe

Shaun is co-founder #2 of Shout Media, and oversees our design team. He stands behind many successful branding projects, campaigns, and web designs, not to mention killer recipes he shares with us. He’ll make fun of you if he’s fond of you, and InDesign is his weapon of choice.

Tyler Sklazeski

Tyler is a Senior Designer, and part-time photographer/videographer, with expertise in branding and user interface design. As a graduate of Western University, his broad experience allows him to take an integrated approach to solving client problems. Also his dad jokes are horrible but he just won’t stop telling them.

Shane Shipston

Shane has coded hundreds websites for us, and runs all of our Google AdWords campaigns with a critical eye. He’s smart as a whip with a diploma in Electrical Engineering – Computers, and we’re thinking he has a minor in Snacks because he always has the best treats.

Ashley Ceresino

Ashley graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design, specializing in Advertising. Her work is visually striking, using modern design elements to breathe life into every project. Ashley lends her innovative design to social media management, along with her keen eye for analytics and strategy. She can also deadlift 340lbs so we’re all very nice to her.

John Paterson

John graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences from Wilfrid Laurier University, and brings over a decade of experience to the programming side of the web team. Agreeable and easy-going, John is the perfect go-with-the-flow programmer you want on your side when there are a million edits coming down the line. Not that that ever happens…

Taylor Harris

Taylor has over 12 years of experience building innovative and responsive websites since his graduation from Confederation College’s Multimedia Program. He brings his passion to his work and humour to the office, both with incredible attention to detail. Taylor’s a whiz at balancing work with more work as he owns a local hockey supply store, and is an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan (no comment).

Barb Ceresino

Many of us consider Barb to be our office mom, but she’s actually Ashley’s mom. As Office Manager, Barb keeps us in line when it comes to invoicing and pretty much everything else if we’re being honest. She graduated from Finance and Sales Management at Sault College, and is responsible for Accounts Receivables/Payables plus about 1000 other things including small project coordination.

Dana Bizzarrino

Dana is a recent graduate of the Interactive Media Program at Confederation College and is our expert on print and production, taking on every print job that comes through the agency. Dana also helps out with design on the occasional social media campaign, and is thoroughly obsessed with pugs.

Jasmin Fisher

Jasmin holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a diploma in Digital Communications, both from Western University. She’s a well-rounded creative with an eye for design, a talent for writing, and a passion for public relations and social media. We haven’t found a job title to capture everything she does, but she has the word “internet” literally tattooed on her so you know she’s not messing around.

David Maunula

David is a Senior Designer at Shout Media who is passionate about bringing the highest standards of design to his work. He graduated from Confederation College’s Multimedia Program in 2011 and hasn’t stopped honing his craft since, even expanding into animation. He’s insanely quick and a man of few words, but his work speaks for itself.


No office is complete without a mascot in the form of an adorable, miniature dog. Mokka helps inspire and motivate our team, as long as she gets a treat.

What do we do all day?

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