If you’ve read our first blog, “Companies are Still Using Outdated Recruitment Strategies,” you’ll remember that the first step of a successful recruitment strategy is to create an impactful career site.

Today’s typical candidate is guaranteed to go directly to your company website before applying. We like to refer to candidates as researchers because they are looking for insight on what it’s like to work for your company, and they will search on multiple platforms to find that information.

Job seekers will browse the entire website for information, but their main focus will be on your careers tab.

An impactful career site includes company culture, an employee value proposition and a strong employer brand. It should match the overall company brand, but also include a fully built out “why work for us” section to give the candidate a reason to apply. If the candidate can’t get an understanding of the company culture from looking at the career page, they will not apply. Companies need to give job seekers a reason why they should come work for them. That reason may be a generous amount of vacation days/paid time off (PTO), your training program, a list of company benefits or even your location. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s important that they are showcased on your careers page through engaging content, real company pictures, videos, employee testimonials, and links to your social pages that consist of the same messaging. All companies should be asking themselves… what makes my company attractive to candidates? Not only is it generally important to invest in an impactful career site, but it can also be seen as a competitive advantage.

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