Curious about TikTok?

Our whole social-digital team tuned into TikTok’s Ready, Set, Grow Summit two weeks ago and it was awesome! The summit included everything from TikTok marketing tips and trend spotting to content creation tutorials we can’t wait to try.

We’re giving you the inside scoop with 3 key takeaways we got from it along with a few tips!

We’re giving you the inside scoop with 3 key takeaways we got from it along with a few tips!

1. TikTok is for everyone

Many are under the impression that TikTok is for the younger generation, but that simply isn’t true. The platform has active and engaged communities surrounding every niche you could possibly imagine and more.

    • Stop hemming and hawing and create an account so you can start exploring, get inspired and find your niche – more on this below.

2. Authenticity is crucial

Being your genuine self works best on this social platform. The TikTok community craves authenticity, which makes it the perfect place to share behind the scenes content, show off your fun/goofy side, and get creative with how you showcase your services or products.

    • Keep you content raw, simple and real. The more authentic you are the better.
    • Start creating content before you’re ready! Imperfection works really well. Bloopers are 100% welcome.
    • Explore hashtags and find your niche! There are hashtags for every type of business.

3. Start creating before you’re ready

TikTok is a creators platform. Not sure where to start? Join in on a trend people are excited about. The platform has tools to create super engaging videos, and find trending topics. There’s even step-by-step tutorial videos that make it easy to get inspired and join in on the fun.

    • Approach making videos with curiosity and playfulness. There’s no getting it right or wrong here – simply start creating and have fun with it.
    • Follow accounts that are successful and learn from the best!
    • Participate in trends – it’s a great way to get started.
    • Use tools & trends to create content.

We’re already creating fun TikTok content for some of our clients and can’t wait to do more! By the way, have you checked out our account yet? 

See what we’re up to on TikTok!

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