Social media is such a colossal marketing platform it’s hard to imagine how it could be influenced by other types of media. However, email has a large, proven influence over social media campaign success.

According to the consumer email tracker, DMA Insights, 99% of consumers check their email every day. With your email subscribers being some of your best and most loyal customers, strategically using this platform to maximize your brand reach, build engagement and achieve your social media goals is a no brainer.

Use your loyal customers to increase social engagement

With social algorithms favouring paid advertising over organic posts, it is that much harder to build likes, comments and shares.

This is where your email list comes into play. Reaching out to your subscribers to let them know about your upcoming event or Facebook campaign will drive purposeful, targeted traffic to your page with the intent to engage. Your email subscribers sign up for a reason and is most likely waiting to interact with your content.

Creating a custom audience for paid campaigns

Did you know you can target only your email subscribers with Facebook ads? This is an example of a “custom audience”. Facebook matches subscriber emails with Facebook account emails, and serves the matches with your ad campaign. You can leverage highly specific content for this audience including exclusive discounts, insider information, or features and services in beta testing.

You can even go a step further and create a “lookalike audience” on Facebook to create an audience with similar demographics and interests as your subscriber list.

Consistency is key

To stay top-of-mind, your audience needs to see your content a lot. This requires the use of multiple social channels where your audience can connect with your brand. When using email and social your overall messaging needs to be consistent between the two.

Facebook contests

A smart way to build your email list and improve your brand presence on social is through contests. For example, users might have to provide their email in order to participate. You can also ask participants to like your page and share your contest to further drive traffic and build awareness.

Email and social can be powerful when they work together. Not only is email marketing important in today’s digital world, but it’s an extremely valuable tool you should leverage to optimize your social media presence. Are you ready to get started?