Running a digital marketing campaign? Don’t make these common mistakes.

During our last Coffee Talk, Sue and Ashley chatted about the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing. In case you missed it, here are the key takeaways! 10 common digital marketing mistakes to avoid and what you should be doing instead to achieve better results.

Mistake #1: Running campaigns that are too short (and don’t include awareness) ⌛

Try this instead: Give yourself enough time to see results (and build awareness).

The most successful campaigns with great return on investment run anywhere from 3 to 12 months and include building awareness. You want to warm up your target market so that when you do start running lead generating ads, your customers are ready to convert.


Mistake #2: Not enough ad budget 💸

Try this instead: Figure out what performs well and optimize your ads before scaling up.

Start running ads with a small target audience to figure out what performs well and then scale up from there. Going back to Mistake #1, it’s also important to put ad dollars behind organic content to build awareness at the start of a campaign.

Mistake #3: Trying to promote everything 👀

Try this instead: Put your ad dollars behind what’s getting you results! 

While it might be tempting to want to promote the entire store or company, running too many ads at once waters down your results and takes budget away from ads that do convert. Figure out which ads help you to achieve your marketing goals and put more ad dollars behind those.


Mistake #4: Set and forget 🙈

Try this instead: Monitor and update your ad sets on a regular basis.

Check-in to see how your ads are performing at least once a week. Turn off ads that aren’t performing, put more budget behind those that are getting good results, and play around with different copy and designs.

Mistake #5: No reputation management ⭐

Try this instead: Build a strong online reputation and ask for reviews.

Did you know that over 90% of buyers read online reviews to decide on a purchase? If you want to make online conversions and sales you need reputation management.

Mistake #6: No customer journey (or a customer journey with broken links) 🤷‍♂️

Try this instead: Build a customer journey for each campaign (and test it).

Getting people to click on your ads is only the first step of your customer journey. Once they click through, where do they go from there? Read the recap from our last Coffee Talk for customer journey tips and strategies.

Mistake #7: Being stubborn 😤

Try this instead: Keep an open mind and experiment!

Don’t just run the same ad for 3 months because you think it’ll perform well. You want to experiment! The more ads you run, the more data you collect, the more you learn, and the more you can optimize your next campaign.

Mistake #8: Not collecting/analyzing data 📈

Try this instead: Take a data-driven approach to understand your audience and optimize your ads. 

When you first start running ads, there’s always a bit of trial and error but if you collect and analyze your data, and then implement what you’ve learnt, you’ll start getting better results in no time.

Mistake #9: Start-and-stop campaigns 🙅

Try this instead: Be patient!

It takes time and money to warm up an audience (most people need 7 to 10 touch points before they’ll even consider making a purchase from you) and figure out what ads perform best. Like we mentioned in Mistake #1, you need to give yourself enough time to see results.

Mistake #10: Doing the same thing all the time 🥱

Try this instead: Use different platforms and get creative with the type of content you put out there.

It’s easy to stick with what we know (hello Facebook), but you might be surprised by the kind of results you can get on new platforms (Tik Tok anyone?). Experiment with different platforms and change up your content.

Ready to achieve better results? 🎯

Use these tips along with our Free Digital Marketing Guide in your next campaign and let us know how it goes!

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