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Online Ordering
and Pickup

Let us help you get started with an online ordering system that makes it easy for your customers and your staff (so you never miss an order again)! With all your ordering, payments and menu online, it’s easy for your hungry customers to place their next order.

An easy and
flexible system

Provide your customers with great service using a system that is easy for your staff to learn and manage.

  • Customization: As part of the setup, our restaurant menu builder allows you to add food categories, yummy dishes, toppings and so on.
  • Promos & coupons:  Setup and track promotions and coupons used within the app.
  • Facebook ordering app: Option to add a “See Menu & Order” button to your Facebook page so your fans can order directly from Facebook.
  • Real time ordering: Each time an order is placed, you get a notification on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Saves time: It takes less time to install the app than the time you have for accepting a delivery or pickup!
  • Order for later: Customers can order now and schedule a later pickup or delivery. This way you can take orders 24/7!

Website or Landing Page

You have the option of a simple landing page or a fully built out website that makes your clients hungry to learn more about your restaurant. The new site will help them find you and order from you. Pricing includes everything you need including menu integration, social media integration, google maps & location, and an easy, quick platform for updating info.

starting at $500

(not including $20/mo hosting fee)

Online Ordering and Pickup

We listened to our clients who were tired of giving away up to 25% for online ordering and pickup. At Shout we offer a customized platform that allows customers to order and pay online. The best part – your money stays with you. The online ordering platform facilitates in-app and web-based ordering of food for customers and in-restaurant printing and management of these orders.


Setup Fee (Configuring account, setting up menu logic, payment options, web widget, company details, testing + App install in-house and training)

Add: Accepts Payment Online* $90/MO

Add: Advanced Promo Marketing $65/MO

Add: Branded Mobile App $133/MO

*Does not include credit card transaction fees

Other Services We Offer:

  • Logo and Branding
  • Menu design
  • Google ad development
  • Recruitment services
  • Gift Card Software
  • Menu development
  • Affordable printing
  • Photography and videography services


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