Is your marketing guiding customers through their decision-making process?

During our last coffee date, Sue and Kristi talked about marketing with your customer journey in mind. Here are key takeaways you can start implementing today. And if you want to hear everything Sue and Kristi talked about, scroll down to watch the full replay!

1. Define your customers

Know your customer in and out before mapping your journey.

    • Get really clear on who you’re building your customer journey for and build buyer personas.
    • Ask yourself: How old are they? What is their income? What are their interests and lifestyle? Where can you find them? Where are they spending their time online?
    • Target the persona that makes you the most profit and has the greatest positive impact on your business.

2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Move through the different touchpoints of your customer journey from your customer’s perspective. 

    • Take a look at your website from your customer’s perspective. You need to make sure it’s updated, that your branding is consistent, and that you have clear calls to action.
    • Identify any gaps or barriers when you’re going from one touch point to another. For example, if they are on your website and want to check out your social media account, is it easy for them to do so?
    • Ask yourself “Now What?”. When a customer leaves your website, what happens next? Are they being retargeted? Are they getting information to help them make a decision or take that next step?

3. Invest in Reputation Management

Reputation management is all about making sure you have good reviews and social proof. 

    • Have a plan to make sure people will see positive reviews and social proof when they do research about you.
    • Ask for reviews, testimonials, referrals or feedback surveys as part of your customer journey.
    • If you get negative reviews, address them – don’t ignore or delete them and never let the fear of negative reviews stop you from achieving positive ones.

Map your customer journey

Now it’s time to get to work and map your customer journey!

That being said, we completely understand if you don’t have the time or the expertise to do so and that’s where we come in. We’ve got the tools, strategies, and experts to map and build out a customer journey that will get you results.

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