Companies are wasting money on recruitment strategies that don’t work in today’s digital world.

When I came to Canada from a top recruitment advertising agency in the United States, I noticed that Canada lagged behind in the recruitment game. Companies were still recruiting with outdated tools and strategies, and a lack of knowledge and resources.

Employees are the heart of a company’s success, contributing to everything from its culture to its bottom line. When you think about it that way, shouldn’t employers be doing everything they can to attract the right candidates?

Over the years I have developed a passion and strong success rate for helping my clients attract the right talent for their company. Hiring can be a daunting task, but looking at the full candidate journey can make it easier. In addition to a strong online presence, employers must go the extra mile to develop an engaging career site and an easy application process to attract top talent. Job seekers are everywhere, all of the time, searching for jobs on multiple devices. It only takes them a second to either form a positive opinion about a company, or drop out of the hiring funnel completely.

Impactful Career Site

Investing in an impactful career site is the best way to make a great first impression, add credibility, and influence the type of candidate you attract. Job seekers go directly to the company’s career site to find information on what the company can offer. Candidates are looking for a company culture, employee value proposition, company success stories, employee testimonials, and a consistent brand they can trust. These are all components that make a company an attractive place to work. A career site is seen as trustworthy and valuable because the information is coming straight from the source, but what if it doesn’t exist? 69 percent of job seekers doubt a job is real if they can’t find updated and relevant information about a company online.

Easy Application Process

I have witnessed countless clients who struggle to find talent yet continue to use outdated, traditional platforms or an expensive headhunter. Most companies don’t quite understand the power of an engaging career site, data analysis, and utilizing recruitment tools to their full potential. If the right company information is out on the proper media channels, and in front of the right, qualified audience, a user-friendly application experience is crucial to ensure those candidates don’t drop out of the hiring funnel. 60 percent of job seekers stop filling out a job application because the process is too long. I understand how overwhelming it is to think about all of the pieces to the puzzle… but that’s what we are here for. You may not have the time to properly develop your recruitment strategy because you’re busy running your business and we get that.

At Shout Media, we have the knowledge to get your job opportunities in front of the right candidates through a custom-developed talent acquisition strategy that makes the most of social and digital. We can be an extension of your team and a resource to help attract the talent you need so you can focus on running your business. You know your company better than anyone else, but are you presenting it properly and attracting the right candidates to keep growing? Let us help you be found.

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