5 Google Trends That You Can't Afford To Miss

Over the past two years, Google has been the most powerful marketing tool to help our clients reach their marketing goals. From online sales to lead generation, Google gets results. As Google Partners, we prioritize our knowledge of Google and understand the value of implementing their products. With Google Marketing Live 2022 a wrap, we’re excited to put these products into use to get results for our clients. 

Let’s dive into the hot new features Google is offering that we can’t wait to implement.

1. Improving visual ads

Immersive Shopping is a great new feature which will have users scrolling through an endless stream of highly visual ads. The goal here is to blend browsing with shopping. How is this done? Google is reimagining shopping ads in new, visually engaging search results. This includes organic-looking photos and video, and soon, we’ll be seeing 3-D images.

2. YouTube Shorts

Google is now rolling our Ads on YouTube Shorts. This means that both video action campaigns and app campaigns will automatically scale content to YouTube Shorts. This platform ad is highly visually engaging, and above all, allows users to view ads and products without having to leave the platform. 

3. The new Google marketing tools

Google is unlocking growth with increased automation and insights of Performance Max. Three additions to PM we’re excited to use are the new tools for experimentation including A/B testing, optimization score to see how to improve your campaign, and new insights to show what’s driving performance.

4. Streamlined e-commerce checkout page

Increasing convenience to get those conversions! Fast checkout from ads eliminates the multi-step checkout allowing customers to add a product directly to their cart from the ad.

5. Business Messenger

This is huge! In the upcoming months, Google is rolling out a mobile conversational channel that will appear on Google my business page. It combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create a messaging experience that serves customers and drives business results.

So what now?

Taking advantage of these features early will reveal opportunities that can be used to scale conversions at a cheaper cost. Additionally, it can help to provide insight on which sequence of interactions will lead to the highest rate of conversions. 

Basically, what we’re saying is, that you’ll want to implement these features before your competition does!

We understand that including these new channels in your marketing strategy can be time-consuming but that’s what we’re here for. Our team of experts is happy to help.

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